Final Preparations for Geddes Exhibition


The Life and Work of Patrick Geddes (1854 – 1932)

Preparations are well underway for the exhibition opening on 1st September. Last week P6/7 pupils from St Ninian’s, a local primary school, participated in our ‘Thinking and Making’ event. They explored Perth Museum and Art Gallery, investigated the idea of creating Outlook Towers, tested a ‘gate of Knowledge’ during fieldwork on Perth’s North Inch and finally, experienced a temporary Camera Obscura installation at our Studio. Incredible enthusiasm and imaginations by Folk, Work and Play! Thanks also to WAVEparticle for leading the 2 day adventure and looking forward to day 3 – the installation of the pupil’s final designs for Outlook Towers at Perth Museum and Art Gallery.

P1020982 P1030179 IMG_0389 IMG_0387