Fergus Purdie is an established Perthshire based architect with over 30 years experience. The practice Fergus Purdie Architect was established in 1993 and provides a comprehensive professional service. The practice project work covers a large geographical area – from the Cairngorms to South Yorkshire – with a diverse range of commissions including private houses to urban studies. The practice has been acknowledged within the professional and construction industry for the high standard of imaginative design work and has received many awards for its projects. As a progressive practice we provide an engaging and rigorous service for each individual client and project as a means to achieve a responsive architecture; working closely with clients, consultants and contractors to achieve the best outcome towards the project aspirations.

Central to the practice and teaching are the ideas and values of the Scottish Polymath Sir Patrick Geddes (generalist thinker and educationalist; 1854-1932). The practice ethos belongs firmly to the Scottish tradition established by Geddes in terms of principles, approaches and working methods. In doing so the work seeks to interpret the interface between practice, research and teaching. The generalist approach encourages a broad spectrum of work from single dwelling houses, arts projects to urban studies developed along Geddesian lines of enquiry.

‘….there is arising anew the most real and vital of all educational developments – that of starting from the local experience, seeing our world, and taking part in it……….Observe how people live and work: and this as far as may be by sharing in their work and life, from hills down to sea and back again…..So – as I have been saying all along – get beyond books, and even ball games, and into active survey, always growing and extending, of the real world around you. And seeking out, and finding out, what your life can best do to help in that, to be of service to it…..’ Patrick Geddes

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  1. Very interesting. Good luck!

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