In response to an individual’s desire to continue living and working in the city of Perth, the practice was commissioned to develop concept design proposals for a contemporary town house residence. The chosen site is located at flatted properties owned by the client at 6 Main Street, Bridgend. The intention is to remove the existing attic flats within the roof and introduce four levels of residential accommodation configured with a series of open external landscaped areas consisting of roof terraces, balconies and gardens.
The concept presented for planning approval is the culmination of over seven months rigorous design research and development to arrive at a strategy capable of delivering the project’s overall aims and aspirations towards sustainable urban living.

The design process includes for example –

•     Examining the physical condition of the site and surrounding area
•     Acknowledging local opinion on the concerns and perception of Bridgend
•     Recognising the need to adapt and re-use
•     Introducing a feasible urban framework for continued growth and change
•     Explore the opportunity for a self-build approach to city living

A townscape analysis of the site’s location within the context of Bridgend and its relationship to Perth offered the opportunity to propose the possibility of introducing a landmark building with which to establish a gateway to the city centre. This corner building combining old with new would also act as a focal point at the intersection between West Bridge Street – East Bridge Street and Main Street – Gowrie Street, respectively. This approach to the immediate surrounding context is clearly expressed through the interrelationship between the existing ‘C’ listed Georgian property and the progressive new build town house – contrasting architectures each of its own time combining to achieve a dynamic piece of urbanism with the potential for continued positive change.

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