Thorny Hill Community Proposal

thorny hill

Thorny Hill Community Proposal is an exciting new pilot scheme for custom design self-build houses in Dunning which will include a community led initiative. 

The proposal has support from Scottish Government, as well as a positive response from the Council Officers that we have been working with.
Click here to link to the Council’s press release regarding the project.

Alongside the self-build housing, we also have an opportunity to create a community asset at Thorny Hill. This land will be made available by the landowner, and we are intending to hold a series of community workshops to determine what the nature of this should be to make a positive impact on the Dunning community.

To make this project a success and develop to it’s full potential we hope to engage a wide range of participants to define a future Vision, Development Framework and Action Plan.


There will be a series of community engagements over the summer and an opportunity for you to make a contribution to the outcome of the project.


Help shape the future of Dunning by joining us at these events.

Details will follow about future engagements.

If you have any queries, would like to meet to discuss the proposal, or would like to take part in the community workshops, please get in contact.