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Design Research Unit 2009 – 2010 – Fergus Purdie Landworker

‘……….there is arising anew the most real and vital of all educational developments – that of starting from the local experience, seeing our world, and taking part in it……….Observe how people live and work: and this as far as may be by sharing in their work and life, from hills down to sea and back again…..So – as I have been saying all along – get beyond books, and even ball games, and into active survey, always growing and extending, of the real world around you. And seeking out, and finding out, what your life can best do to help in that, to be of service to it…..’ Patrick Geddes.

As the direction of the unit emerges I will now explain the lines of enquiry to be undertaken; central to the DRU’s ethos is your development towards becoming Fellow Landworkers. This is achieved through the process of direct action, hence the need and obligation to engage with real world outcomes…’by creating we think, by living we learn’ PG

Landworkers notation of facts ∙ thoughts ∙ (dreams) ∙ acts ∙ memories

facts – reconnaissance (looking + learning) – apprenticeship – rules of engagement.

thoughts – enquiry (thinking) – outlook tower – means to curate the city.

acts – affirmation (making) – dignity of labour – construction as a social mechanism.

memories – representation (reflecting) – transfigure the meaning – triptych.

Submission requirements will be based on a series of individual exercises or events based on the Landworkers notation of facts ∙ thoughts ∙ (dreams) ∙ acts ∙ memories that will culminate in a triptych. No 5 Melville Street will provide the setting for the installation and presentation of the triptych as a mark of your status to becoming Fellow Landworkers.